Rubber airsprings are usually called a airspring, air bellow and air bag, etc. It is an exquisitely designed rubber-fiber bellows. The airspring itself does not provide force or support load, but instead, completes the force transfer and elastic behavior through compressed air that is inflated into it by air compressors. According to the requirements for stroke, an airspring is generally designed with 1-3 convolutions, it can also be designed and manufactured with 4 or more convolutions if needed. Under certain conditions, two airsprings could be superimposed in practical use.

With nonlinear characteristics, the rigidity of an airspring changes along with the load, thus, under any load, its natural frequency almost remains unchanged. Therefore, allowing the airspring device to have near constant properties. Its performance is superb at absorbing high frequency vibrations and to deaden noise.

It simultaneously bears axial load and radial load, by means of internal pressure adjustment; which means it could obtain different bearing capacities and can adapt to multiple load demands.

Within an effective stroke, the rigidity, height, chamber volume and bearing capacity of the airspring can be adjusted through increasing and decreasing inflation pressure. Meanwhile its rigidity, height, chamber volume and bearing capacity stability, periodically and flexibly change along in response to increasing or decreasing loads. For this reason, it realizes the flexible transfer of bearing capacity, the effective stroke adjustment and the efficient control of vibration amplitude and vibration load. It can also add an air chamber to simulate an automated regulation.

Due to the above characteristics, it has been widely used in trains, automobiles, paper-making machines, lifting platforms, mechanical presses, vibrating conveyors, vibrating screens, pneumatic hammers, vibration test-beds, foundry machinery and other equipments or instruments which need to control stroke or absorb shock and isolate vibration.

Structure of Air Spring
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Chenguang airspring is a high-tech rubber bellows with metal cover. Our standard airspring is usually composed of 4 layers:

1. One layer of calendared rubber liner

2. First layer of fabric.

3.Second layer of fabric.

4.One layer of calendared outer rubber

Where customers have special requirements for the compressive strength of the airspring, they can contact our technical department for adjustments. Special types of airsprings with 4 layers of reinforcement PLY are also available for order.